Musci: Fans~~ By B.O.C Madaki B.O.C dedicated this song to his fans all around the world. Fans made everything. This is for you. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE

No Love

Music: No Love~~ By Aleegee Aleegee Says no love. Another hitting song. Babu So, gee ya sha wuta ya ce baby soyayya. Enjoy the beefs here on 4gmusic. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE

Mun Gode

Music: Mun Gode~~ By Aleegee Gee is here once again with another one. Mun Gode.Fans ma sun gode. Enjoy and downlaod here. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE

Back to sleep

Video: Back to sleep~~ By Flex Dee Watch and download here with us on 4gmusic DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE


VIDEO: GODIYA~~ By Akon Kano The Akon just reseased this new video called 'Thanks' Godiya. Fans ma suna godiya. Watch and Download from DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE


MamanaMusic: Mamana~~By Aleegee Gee honor the mama and sing for her. She is the reason we are here and entertaining you. This was dedicated to all mothers around the globe. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE


Music: Listen~~By Aleegee The Gee Alee was here with another one called 'Listen' Ok Lets Listen and enjoy. DOWNLAOD AUDIO HERE

Haka Mukeyi

Haka Mukeyi Music: Haka Mukeyi~~ By Aleegee Aleegee is here again with a fresh released this 2018 called Haka Mukeyi. ok Muma Haka mukeyi. You reseased and we post. Enjoy it here at 4gmusic DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE

We are back again

Music: We Are Back Again~~ By SJR AS Usual the Jungle Riders are growing and so they will grow bigger. Mun dawo is another one they just recorded. Enjoy the beeps……………. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE


“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing”. Theodore Roosevelt We Believed in ourselves and in You as well. With your confidence and our support you can achieve magics. Just keep on doing we shall keep on posting. Ku cigaba da yi mu kuma zamu cigaba da yadawa


Music:Patiece~~ By B.O.C Madaki Another hitting song by the Madaki B.O.C titile Patience 'Hakuri' The Ingredient for success. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE

Mun Kone

Mun Kone MUSIC: Mun Kone-- By~~ SJR Here's the boys, South Jungle Riders with another hitting one titled 'Mun Kone' of course Sun Kone, lets listen kaima ka ji ko ka kone DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE


Music: Romantic~~ By Amude Booth Amude and M Nas brought another track called Romantic. It's all about love and love matters. Listen, enjoy and download on 4gmusic. DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE